New Zealand utility district opens consultation on smart water meters


In New Zealand, the Masterton District Council has opened a consultation on installation of smart water meters.

Th consultation will be open until April 30.

The district council has plans to invest $5 million towards the installation of smart meters for residential and commercial customers.

The smart meters programme will enable the city to introduce a new water charging system by 2021. The initiative will provide the city with a new revenue stream.

Over the past years, Masterton was providing its residents with water for free.

The need to install smart water meters arose following realisation of how increases in consumer water efficiency would help the city to improve management of water resources.

Masterton Mayor Lyn Patterson, said: “We’re not going to have the water that we’ve had in the past. This is about demand management and it is not just for the sake of it.”

Patterson blames the depletion of water resources and the inability of the city to continue providing water for free to consumer over usage.

The city says it losses 5.6 million litres of treated water daily to leaks and inadequate use.

This is equivalent to 5.6 million litres of non-revenue water a year and 655 litres of water wastage per individual a day.

However, the smart water meters are expected to reduce consumer water usage by 30%.