Teradata and Cisco optimise smart city analytics with tech integration


Digital technology firm Cisco and analytics company Teradata have partnered to help cities make use of data and analytics to optimise operations and quality of life for residents.

The two will integrate solutions to come up with a smart data management platform capable of providing advanced analytics through improved acquisition, processing and management of persistent lifecycle data.

The integrated solution will help cities improve efficiency, enhance public safety, deliver better citizen services and create new revenue streams.

Cisco will provide its IoT platform Kinetic for Cities for integration with Teradata’s analytics platform.

The Kinetic for Cities simplifies data acquisition, processing and secure telemetry across city networks, according to a statement.

The new solution will provide a centralised platform for data collection, storage and management.

The elimination of decentralised data management will help cities gain insight into and plan for a variety of services including lighting, parking, traffic, waste management, citizen engagement, safety and security from a single platform.

For instance, the integrated solution will help improve traffic management by its ability to automatically detect security incidents and generate alerts, locate traffic bottlenecks and optimise signals to ease congestion or evaluate route options to shorten emergency vehicle response time.

“Far too many cities do not fully recognise the value of their data,” said Anil Menon, Global President for Smart+Connected Communities at Cisco.

Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer at Teradata, added: “Data is the foundation of value creation in today’s digitally enabled society.”

“Cities are currently undergoing a seismic shift in thinking to recognise that their data has real value that can enable new services and capabilities to better serve their citizens and visitors. Accomplishing this requires that smart cities tap into a comprehensive and robust analytics ecosystem…,” he stated.