The next data foundation for the energy cloud


The current leaders in the utility industry are facing a tough realisation: not only do they have to become digital utilities, but it’s essential they evolve their organisational DNA to achieve rapid transformation.

Key to this rapid-fire evolution is data integration.

Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics are two examples of data-hungry functions, which legacy systems can’t keep pace with; however, there is an ever-growing influx of data from renewables, electric vehicle charging, smart meters, IoT, and more. This abundance of data enables utilities to apply a start-up mindset to their established organisations by accessing their information significantly faster than before.

Norway-based Greenbird Integration Technology CEO, Thorsten Heller, is a strong advocate of the need to empower utilities to illuminate ‘dark data’ to push every button in the quest to expand an organisation’s internal DNA and its ability to adapt and be able to innovate at pace. “We want to speed up innovation for utilities,” says Heller. “We talk about dark data because 90% of the data that a utility has is never used for anything. We want to illuminate the dark data, making it accessible and usable.”

A digital integration hub is born

In 2010, Greenbird developed, together with its Nordic clients, re-usable integration applications for utilities using a traditional middleware and enterprise service bus platform (ESB).

This gave birth to the digital integration hub in 2015: Utilihive created a cloud-native platform tailored specifically for utilities, taking advantage of emerging cloud technology.

The platform evolved throughout 2016 until 2019.

The initial platform was built using operational profits from integration projects with the developers’ Scandinavian clients, who also contributed to shaping the platform.

This article was originally published in The Global Power & Energy Elites 2020. Read the full article here