Top four tips for utilities to create value out of smart meter data


Thorsten Heller the CEO of Greenbird presents his top four tips to help utilities to create value out of their smart meter data.

  1. Do not use point-to-point integrations. Using point-to-point integrations avoids utilities to leverage the data of a smart service, says Heller.

2. Invest in elastic infrastructure. As utilities integrate more and more devices on their grid so does the data they need to process increase, hence deploying elastic infrastructure would help them to expand their data management and infrastructure capabilities in line with the increase in grid data.

“Nobody knows how much data we are going to have in the future so we need elastic infrastructure to be able to scale with the data,” said the Greenbird CEO.

3. Use Application Programming Interface (APIs). This will help in the building of smart services and data-driven applications as well as in the fast delivery of these services. An API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. 

4. Focus on presenting data: Heller urges utilities to focus on presenting and leveraging the data they acquire from smart meters to come up with new services such as personalisation rather than investing again in other solutions such AI and machine learning. He said 80% of use cases is delivered by a smart presentation hence there is no need to for energy companies to increase their expenses by investing in more technologies.

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