Total develops industry’s largest supercomputer – world’s 11th smartest


Total has partnered with IBM to develop the world’s largest supercomputer within the energy industry.

The supercomputer Pangea III is the world’s 11th most powerful in all industries.

The supercomputer is based on IBM’s POWER9 artificial intelligence software to help the energy giant to:

  • Locate new resources better
  • Assess the potential associated with revenue opportunities
  • Improve energy efficiency. The supercomputer requires 1.5MW compared to 4.5MW which was required by Total’s previous two machines. The new system uses less than 10% the energy consumption per petaflop as its predecessor
  • Develop new AI-based energy production models and solutions fast and cost-effectively
  • Process data faster

Pangea III replaces Pangea I and II, and multiplies Total’s computing power by 5, to 31.7 petaflops (equivalent to 170,000 laptops combined), whilst tripling the company’s storage capacity to 76 petabytes (equivalent to 50 million HD movies).

The supercomputer has high-performance architecture as used in models owned by the US Department of Energy‘s Summit and Sierra.

 “Pangea III’s additional computing power enhances Total’s operational excellence. It enables Total to reduce geological risks in exploration and development, accelerate project maturation and delivery, and increases the value of our assets through optimized field operations, with all this at a lower cost,” stated Arnaud Breuillac, President Total Exploration & Production.