Predictive analytics helps innovation lab reduce data center costs by 50%


SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Sillicon Valley has selected Virtual Power Systems to improve power capacity and availability within its data center.

This follows a successful 90-day trial of the Software Defined Power and Intelligent Control of Energy platform.

The technology uses machine learning and predictive analytics to automatically identify and aggregate all sources of stranded power within a data center and directs it towards workloads or circuits in need of the energy.

SAP has selected the technology to optimise the operations of its computer, storage and network resources

The system helps reduce data center capital and operational expenses by up to 50% per annum.

Steve Houck, CEO of Virtual Power Systems. “With ICE, we are removing the biggest barrier to application and infrastructure deployments facing customers’ today—power costs, availability, and provisioning.”

Because power and cooling typically cost more than the IT equipment it supports, data center owners and cloud operators are struggling to improve energy efficiencies without compromising system availability or reliability.