Webinar recording: IoT can deliver real business impact for utilities


Watch this webinar to learn how IoT can deliver real business impact for utilities, including a thought-provoking perspective on best practices utilising data once sensorics and connectivity are in place.

The energy industry – used to disruptive change, including multiple inflection points in the past few years – is now facing the shift towards IoT.

Utility professionals looking to execute their organisation’s digital transformation to release business impact and optimise processes will find this session invaluable.

Key topics

  • How can IoT deliver real business impact?
  • Leveling the playing field – IoT scaling & commoditisation
  • Holistic digital transformation
  • Mastering IT/OT integration
  • Data analytics – disruptive change requires a disruptive approach


Jim Fisher | Global Head of Sales | OMNETRIC

Franz Winterauer | Head of Energy Insight OMNETRIC