Kitchener utilities partner with Clevest on workforce management


The Canadian city of Kitchener has selected Clevest to improve management of field operations and services to 67,000 natural gas and water consumers.

The city will deploy a mobile workforce management software owned by Clevest to eliminate manual, paper-based forms and reduce driving time between work orders.

The technology will help the city optimise scheduling and dispatching orders, book customer appointments and navigate Google Maps to improve the efficiency of field workers.

The software will work in hand with SAP’s enterprise systems to enable the city’s utilities departments manage gas and water service orders.

Rollout of the mobile workforce management technology will be expanded to cover water heater installation and maintenance activities.

Mike Bolger, Manager of Systems Architecture and Development at the City of Kitchener, said:  “When we decided to automate our workforce, we knew we needed a solution that was user friendly and would be easily adopted by our team.

“The Clevest solution also met our requirements to support work orders generated by our SAP systems. We anticipate better traceability and integrity of our data, along with efficiency improvements in work planning and dispatching and improved response times.”

Canada and workforce management

The news follows an announcement by Canadian-based energy company FortisBC Energy that it has selected Clevest Solutions to transform certain elements of its operations business unit.

The utility chose Clevest to enhance safety, streamline and simplify business processes, consolidate and reduce the number of technology systems used to perform work, and bring the gas and electric divisions onto a common workforce management platform. Read more…


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