Zigbee’s smart energy certification chosen for UK smart meter rollout


The Zigbee Alliance has opened certification for its updated Smart Energy 1.4 application standard specifically for the UK smart energy market.

This new Certification Programme is open for companies wanting to build Smart Energy products for rollout as part of the UK government’s initiative to deploy smart meters to every home by 2020.

Zigbee Alliance claims its new certification programme addresses the functionality needs that arose from Great Britain’s decision to achieve up to 26 million potential installations by 2020.

Why Smart Energy by the Zigbee Alliance Was Put at the Core of the Rollout

According to a report from Smart Energy Great Britain, there is rising national public awareness of the benefits of smart meters, from increasing billing accuracy to contributing to communities’ overall environmental efforts.

The report states that 80% of people with a smart meter have taken steps to reduce their energy use, and more than 68% say they feel more conscious about their energy usage.

To address this growing public awareness, Great Britain needed an existing, well-developed solution that is adaptable and easy to implement on an enormous scale.

Smart Energy by the Zigbee Alliance was the logical choice, with proven success from over 700 existing Smart Energy Certified products, along with a large network of suppliers to support a healthy market of products to choose from.

Increased Device Functionality through Certifying to the Smart Energy 1.4 Specification

Technology certified through the Zigbee Alliance’s latest Smart Energy Certification Programme will be able to take advantage of the benefits inherent in dual-band frequency capabilities.

Enabling sub-GHz functionality enhances the performance of smart meters and energy management devices, allowing operation at farther distances and through more RF-challenging building materials.

This addition to Smart Energy Certification also allows the Zigbee Alliance to accredit products with the ability to meet regional frequency requirements, extending connectivity options.

The benefits of introducing simultaneous operation on sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz bands into Certification for the Smart Energy 1.4 standard include:

  • Intelligent energy management
  • Smart Energy metering
  • Increased savings for utilities and consumers
  • Competitive marketplace with multi-vendors
  • Reduction of emissions footprint
  • Low-energy housing
  • Smart urban networks

Last month, the Zigbee Alliance celebrated its first product to complete the certification programme and take on the benefits of the Smart Energy 1.4 standard — one of the Communications Hub solutions required for Great Britain’s smart metering programme, developed by Alliance member EDMI.

“Smart Energy delivers many benefits for its users,” said Victor Berrios, VP Technology for the Zigbee Alliance. “With Smart Energy Certified meters and consumption devices, our members empower utilities and consumers with the data necessary to make informed decisions about energy usage and help them meet worldwide energy challenges today and tomorrow.”