Accenture named a leader in IDC’s first assessment on blockchain services


Accenture has been positioned as a Leader in blockchain capabilities by the IDC MarketScape.

The report IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Blockchain Services 2020 Vendor Assessment is the first IDC MarketScape assessment of vendors providing professional services supporting blockchain technologies.

Each of the 12 companies included in the report has a standalone blockchain practice or business unit and is actively working with clients to build blockchain implementations that have been deployed outside of a test environment.

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Among Accenture’s notable strengths cited in the report are:

  • A comprehensive and well-articulated strategy that puts blockchain into a larger context across multiple industries, including finance, supply chain and capital markets.
  • A focus on using blockchain for business transformation and to improve underlying processes.
  • Strong business relationships across protocols and industry consortiums — including Hyperledger, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Corda — as well as partnerships with IBM Global Technology Services, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, showing a commitment to supporting the evolution of the blockchain community.

The company’s dedication to digital identity innovations from biometric- and blockchain-based digital identity, shared homomorphic encryption, and interoperability to technical architecture blueprints and security has delivered a significant number of mature production implementations.

A large number of completed blockchain engagements or projects, including proofs of concept and pilots that provide a level of familiarity and expertise. These projects include a significant number of mature production implementations, with noteworthy examples in insurance and capital markets, indicating a deep understanding of those industries and verticals. 

David Treat, a senior managing director at Accenture who leads its Blockchain and Multiparty Systems business, said: “We are honored to be recognized for our leadership in developing the blockchain capabilities and strategies that help clients take their digital transformation to the next level.

“This next wave of innovation is enabling greater collaboration, trust and resiliency as entire ecosystems reshape and reinvent their business models. From making supply chains more nimble, to transforming money for our digital world, to facilitating seamless travel and providing greater control over our data and personal information – we’re helping our clients make new markets and capture more value amidst change, with greater consistency and confidence.”

James Wester, Research Director, Worldwide Blockchain Strategies, IDC, said; “Accenture’s strategy and demonstrated commitment to blockchain, its technology, consortiums, and use cases make the company a good partner for organizations looking to build out their blockchain implementations beyond pilots or proofs of concept,” said James Wester, Research Director, Worldwide Blockchain Strategies.

In addition to being named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape, Accenture was recently positioned as a leader in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix™ Assessment for Blockchain Services and recognised in the HFS Top 10 Enterprise Blockchain Services 2020 Report.

More information about Accenture’s Blockchain and Multiparty Systems business can be found here.