Canadian utility optimises energy trading in Mexico’s Wholesale Electricity Market


Northland Power has selected PCI for the provision of cloud software to optimise energy trading and wholesale operations as a Qualified Supplier in the Mexico Wholesale Electricity Market.

The software will enable Northland Power to optimise its existing pipeline of renewable energy resources and energy supply contracts in the wholesale electricity market.

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Other benefits of the software include:

  • Efficiency through automation; providing staff with more time for value-add activities.
  • Enhanced strategic decision-making and risk mitigation based on more accurate and timely information.
  • Reduced operational and marketing risk using in-depth position management.
  • Greater precision and speed in revenue accounting and back-office operations.
  • Scalable marketing functionality to meet both current and future strategies.

The software comprises data interfaces, embedded analytics, business process automation, open data, and risk reporting capabilities to support for front, mid, and back-office business functions.

Morgan Tarves, the senior director at Northland Power, stated, “We wanted to select an experienced, established vendor with a robust platform to maximise value for our customers. After an in-depth evaluation, we found PCI to have the most comprehensive offering for our immediate and future business requirements.”