China Gas adopts AI solution in digital transformation drive


China Gas has partnered with AI solutions firm Baidu as part of its digital transformation initiative aimed at enhancing operations within the energy and power sectors.

The utility, which provides services to consumers in 273 cities in China, signed a cooperation agreement with the AI firm, which will enable the use of cloud and digital solutions to meet carbon emissions reductions goals, according to the statement.

China Gas will be spending 936 million yuan ($145.1 million) to move its operations to Baidu’s AI cloud platform under the first phase of the partnership. This will enable the utility to build customised smart grid and energy monitoring, gas usage prediction and smart customer service applications.

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The two parties will kickstart their partnership by establishing the China Gas Digital Technology Committee that will set up the utility’s digitalisation roadmap and ensure that the company’s business cases and technologies are in line with industry standards. Baidu will also develop advanced digital management systems within the AIoT, big data and AI segments for the utility.

This will enable China Gas to prepare for future business models and be able to meet changing consumer demands.

The two will also work together to help the government and enterprises co-operate on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as create an ecosystem that enables the participation of consumers, automakers, technology firms and manufacturers in enhancing the operations of the grid network, in climate change mitigation and developing new mechanisms that are capable of delivering the energy transition and smart grids.

Baidu will also train China Gas’ professionals.

Yong Huang, executive president of China Gas, said the project is part of efforts by the utility to leverage advanced solutions to improve services to its 40 million customers.

Haifeng Wang, Baidu’s Chief Technology Officer, added: “We are in a golden era in which digital technology and traditional industries are deeply integrated.”