Hubject to streamline e-mobility payments with Enel


E-roaming platform Hubject has selected Enel X Financial Services to enable financial settlement services between Charging Point Operators (CPO) and e-Mobility Service Providers.

Enel X Financial Services will provide intercharge SETTLEMENT services to help Hubject automate business to business (B2B) payments and invoicing.

The solution is the first fully integrated end-to-end financial B2B settlement service within the e-mobility sector, and it allows CPOs to directly determine the B2B tariffs for charging processes.

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The solution also provides a platform for online conflict resolution and valuable reporting data insights.

The partnership is expected to help Hubject to reduce the B2B processing costs and help to improve the profitability of all companies participating on its e-roaming platform.

Furthermore, this partnership facilitates eRoaming as a key enabler of the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. It will be made available across Eurozone countries by the end of this year.

Giulio Carone, CEO of Enel X Financial Services, said: “This long-term partnership is an important step towards positioning our company as a leading player in the financial services market. This agreement with Hubject, testimonies our commitment to innovative solutions focused on a customer centricity approach built upon the traditional energy commodity model. The Fintech platform we have implemented opens the way to new business models enabling interoperability between different ecosystems.”

Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject, adds: “We are excited to work with Enel X to offer an unmatched service level and quality to all the 750+ partners on our eRoaming platform. One of the biggest challenges in the EV charging industry with lots of manual hours and spreadsheets every month can finally be considered solved. That does allow all our partners to improve their business case with every transaction done via intercharge SETTLEMENT”.