Enel selects Cisco as global technology partner


Enel and Cisco have extended their cooperation in the development of innovative digital solutions and services.

The agreement to expand their cooperation has made Cisco to become Enel’s global technology partner.

Cisco and Enel will develop smart grid technologies, promote and spread Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, enhance cybersecurity processes, and scout for co-innovation solutions based on Open Innovation.

Enel will also use its OpenInnovability.com platform to hosts crowdsourcing initiatives with Cisco.

New technologies and services to be developed by the two will made available to all subsidiaries of Enel.

The partnership and technologies to be developed will help Enel to integrate to take full advantage of the potential of smart grids to improve customer services and grid operations.

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Enel’s Chief Innovability Officer, Ernesto Ciorra, said: “The partnership with Cisco confirms our commitment to the development of technological innovations that boost the energy transition. We work openly on these innovations, collaborating with numerous startups, prestigious universities and, as in this case, with innovative companies that are world leaders in their sectors.

“With Cisco, we will innovate in various areas: from IT security to connectivity and intelligent asset management. The energy transition poses major challenges for our planet. Challenges that we will overcome if we combine humility and open-mindedness, necessary to collaborate, with the ability to achieve radical visions of sustainable progress, with courage and passion.”

Gianmatteo Manghi, Sales Director of Cisco Italy, said: “We are renewing and extending with great satisfaction our collaboration with Enel after a first phase full of excellent results. The digital transformation in energy generation and distribution is crucial for our future: it is the key to meeting the challenge of sustainable growth, based on the use of clean, renewable and distributed sources. New automated, programmable and secure networks allow today to achieve truly innovative solutions for a critical infrastructure for the country and its citizens”.

Enel and CISCO, with the help of University Politecnico di Milano, developed tertiary courses on smart grids, cybersecurity between 2017 and 2019.

The initiative has made it possible to further strengthen the expertise of Enel technicians by involving operating personnel from all over Italy.

Enel has worked with Cisco on the remote monitoring of roadside cabinets, using IIoT technologies and LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) connectivity.