Innowatts and Kaluza partner on utility transformation to digital technologies


Innowatts and Kaluza have partnered to deliver a combined offering that enables digital transformation for energy retailers and utilities across the globe.

Together, the companies will initially deploy their technologies throughout North America and Europe, offering market participants a suite of capabilities to transform their operations and customer experience, lower costs, reduce carbon emissions, and deliver demand response solutions.

The partnership provides additional market evidence that leveraging the power of energy data helps to increase customer value and accelerate the energy transition.

It also recognises the unique innovation of Kaluza’s real-time SaaS platform as it enters the North American energy markets offering a pioneering operating system, seamless customer experiences and its world-leading intelligent grid optimisation solution, Kaluza Flex.

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Through the collaboration, Kaluza’s demand response services will be made available to Innowatts’ North American utility customers, who serve a base of 45 million meters, whilst Innowatts will make its energy analytics and forecasting modules available to Kaluza’s strategic partner, OVO Energy.

Innowatts Director of Strategic Development for EMEA, Harrison Brook, said: “This partnership is unrivalled in its capability to enable electric utilities and retail energy providers to take a step forward on their journey towards digital transformation. Globally, regulated and deregulated markets are calling for a solution that can simultaneously provide AI-analytics across business operations as well as deliver the flexibility needed to support the rapid introduction of DERs. The Innowatts-Kaluza partnership will provide the market with the systems and data-driven intelligence required to have a 360º view of individual customers, as well as manage the flexibility associated with their load requirements. The collaboration will enable customers to identify and explore new revenue opportunities; complement sustainability efforts by illuminating the carbon footprint for each electric metered site, hence providing insight into plans that lower carbon emissions and help the environment, whilst improving overall customer satisfaction.”

Toby Ferenczi, Director of Business Development at Kaluza, added: “Today’s energy retailers and utilities are navigating a highly complex and rapidly evolving energy landscape. Smart software like Kaluza’s is playing a pivotal role in unlocking opportunities for retailers to run their businesses with efficiency and speed at a low cost, while engaging their customers and shaping a resilient, decarbonised energy system. We are excited to accelerate our international expansion into North America in partnership with Innowatts.”

Innowatts’ SaaS platform enables near real-time data intelligence and visibility at the meter level. Its analytic tools and the platform’s UX/UX provide users with the data intelligence needed to be more predictive and proactive customer-centric. This helps them to more effectively forecast demand, manage supply-related risk, increase profitability through decreased costs, while maintaining grid reliability and providing visualisation that can lower the carbon footprint associated with each and every customer and every meter.      

Kaluza, which was launched in 2019 out of the UK’s third-largest energy supplier, OVO Energy, offers energy retailers both a world-class operating system and a demand response product, Kaluza Flex.