MKI expands digital transformation partnership with OSIsoft


Mitsui Technology Information (MKI) has signed a new value-added reseller (VAR) agreement with OSIsoft LLC.

Combining with MKI’s rich experiences in IIoT, the partnership plans to bolster enterprises’ digital transformation in multiple industries, such as power generation, utility management, and manufacturing.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has improved rapidly in recent years, making data collecting much easier by connecting a variety of industrial assets to a data repository.

However, in order to manage and analyse such huge amounts of information, a single-managed data platform is very critical. During the manufacturing process, different types of data are collected and stored by different devices and systems. However, in some cases, it has not been integrated and managed by a single platform.

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This shows more and more the needs and requirements for enterprises to optimise their operations and create new services and value by integrating different types of data.

The OSIsoft PI System has the capability to collect massive amounts of data from a variety of sensors, devices, and equipment from multiple plants and factories into a visualized and managed platform.

Currently, The PI System has been successfully installed in over 127 countries and illustrated proven success in over 19,000 plants and factories worldwide.

MKI has supported the DX projects for Mitsui Bussan and Mitsui groups in power and utility industries, installing the PI System to multiple plants since 2017.

With this new VAR agreement, MKI will not only resell PI System licenses and provide software installation but will also offer installation consultation support (operation efficiency improvement, existing system integration, security, etc.), training, maintenance support, etc. as total support to the clients.

In addition, combining MKI’s technologies and knowledge in the ICT area, the PI System can provide additional value to power, utility and manufacturing industries clients’ innovation and creating new services.

“We are excited to partner with MKI and their addition of the OSIsoft PI System to their solutions for customers heavily involved in manufacturing, power generation, and other essential industries,” said Michael Hu, Director, Cloud, Channel and Community in Asia Pacific for OSIsoft. “This will enable many MKI customers to leverage and optimize their data through a high-performance critical infrastructure that will continue to advance their digital transformation strategies through 2020 and beyond.”

OSIsoft customers have used PI System technology to predict wind turbine failures, increase annual revenue at a mine by $120 million, reduce the power consumption of a supercomputer center at a national laboratory, deliver water services to millions of new customers in a major metropolitan city, boost the fuel efficiency of cruise ships and improve the quality and consistency of beer, among other accomplishments.

Over 1,000 leading utilities, 80% of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, and 65% of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500 rely the PI System in their operations. Worldwide, over 2 billion sensor-based data streams are managed by the PI System.