New UK energy supplier using AI, digital workforce to disrupt industry


UK energy supplier Rebel Energy, a new challenger in the market, says it will leverage artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and a digital workforce “to reinvent what it means to be an energy supplier with a mission to create a positive impact on the communities it serves.”

Blue Prism’s Cloud and AI capabilities will be used to build a unique operational structure to support the core goal of delivering excellent customer service, while keeping costs low. The company’s business model uses an agile SaaS-based human digital workforce, alongside Blue Prism’s AI and automation “to reimagine existing complicated industry processes and procedures.”

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Using a SaaS-based digital workforce to simplify and automate back end processes will allow the company to focus its efforts on recruiting a ‘best in class’ customer servicing team, according to a release from the company.

Founder and CEO of Rebel Energy, Dan Bates, intends to move away from what the company calls ‘standard legacy approaches’ and build an organisation with digital innovation at its core.

This approach, it says, will enable Rebel Energy to operate with the efficiency required to build a sustainable and digital-first business with a difference in an intensely competitive market, all whilst delivering customer service that stands out from the crowd.

CEO Dan Bates noted: “Rebel Energy is a company founded on strong moral foundations, that cares about society and the people within it. Our aim is to create sustainable profits by helping people and the environment. Incorporating a digital workforce from day one helps us to achieve our big goals. By employing digital workers to carry out the repetitive processes common to the energy industry we can create more fulfilling and engaging roles for our highly skilled ‘Rebels’, whilst also helping them to develop skills in AI and systems design, setting them up for the jobs of the future.”

“We are witnessing the emergence of a new generation of business leaders who understand the full potential of embracing intelligent automation to devise entirely new business models,” said Terry Walby, Chief Executive, Blue Prism Cloud. 

“Building the flexibility of a digital workforce into the fabric of their operations, they are preparing to disrupt markets and deliver exceptional value for customers. Dan is at the front of that change with his inspiring leadership mindset and vision. We are proud to play a key role in his mission to establish an energy company that has a positive impact on society, protects the environment all whilst delivering growth.”

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