Blockchain battery recycling app to be prototyped

UK blockchain technology startup Everledger is leading a project to incentivise the recycling of lithium-ion batteries.
EMEA Itron Utility Week

Addressing changes and empowering innovation in EMEA

In the EMEA region – which is made up of Europe, Middle East and Africa – the utility sector is also impacted by what we call the “three Ds”, or rather, decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation.

How to use metering data beyond billing to create value

Over the past 20 years, increased urbanisation, paired with the growing recognition of climate change, has resulted in the rise of the...
digital grid

New Digital Grid Initiative to advocate for more intelligence on grid

Making digital solutions for the grid of the future and their benefits better known is the goal of the newly created Digital Grid Initiative.

Five ways to ensure a resilient US energy grid of the...

The report The Future of Electric Power in the United States highlights some five key areas to establish a resilient and secure US energy grid of the future.
digital solutions

Industrial and energy sectors to drive growth in digital solutions market

Primarily driven by operational excellence, organisations throughout industries are likely to adopt digital solutions.
digital experience

US utilities struggling to deliver satisfactory digital experience – study

In the US, utility websites continue to struggle when it comes to delivering a satisfying digital experience, according to a new study released by J.D Power.
AI applications

Extreme weather pushes power grids to the brink – Is AI...

Sean McEvoy, who leads the Energy AI business unit for California-based Veritone, explores how AI can be used to optimise grid resilience.

Global smart grid development through 2024

The global smart grid market is expected to reach $70 billion by 2024, according to a study released by Global Market Insights.

Grupo ICE exceeds 475,000 smart meter rollout in Costa Rica

Costa Rica state electricity and telco provider Grupo ICE had 475,979 smart meters in use at December 2020.

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