Tata Power expands rollout of AI-enabled energy forecasting


Indian utility Tata Power will be deploying an artificial intelligence-based cloud solution to improve its energy demand forecasting and power scheduling.

The utility has signed a three-year agreement with BluWave-ai to deploy their technology after a successful pilot. During the pilot, the technology enabled the utility to generate intra-day and day-ahead dispatches for use in its power scheduling operations.

With India now requiring utilities to put in place accurate energy scheduling for real-time management and optimisation of renewable energy integrated onto the national grid, the deal enables Tata Power to aline operations with the new regulation.

Tata Power says the technology has the potential to help the firm to avoid penalties given to utilities that deviate from planned energy usage.

The solution will also provide the utility with change overload prediction and real-time management capabilities that leverage neural network and linear programming – functions developed during the pilot with BlueWave-ai.

The capabilities are expected to help Tata Power enhance power purchase.

The functionalities enabled the two companies to be recognised by the India Smart Grid Forum.

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Mr Sanjay Banga, the president of T&D at Tata Power, said the new deal enables the team to “operationalise Artificial Intelligence in our day to day power distribution in Mumbai. Working with AI-enabled system improvements via cloud computing in real-time operations enhances our baseline systems resulting in higher operational efficiency and accuracy.”

Tata Power has deployed AI and machine learning-enabled solutions such as the Central Control for Renewable Assets to estimate energy losses, demand and generation, the Coal Supply Management and Management Strategic Review as part of the digital transformation.

Bluewave is making use of the three-year deal to penetrate the Indian market following a successful entrance into the Canadian market, according to the company’s CEO, Devashish Paul.

Tata Power has been using BluWave-ai software-as-a-solution 24×7 since February 2020 and increased reliance on the solution since last year’s massive COVID-19 related shutdowns and the subsequent lockdowns in Mumbai, according to a statement.