Distributed generation

News and analysis concerning the use of distributed energy resources (DERMS), distributed generation and on-site generation or district/decentralised energy. This category also focusses on the news about energy storage performed by a variety of small, grid-connected devices. Analyses include impact on utilities and existing transmission and distribution networks, the connection of renewable energy to the grid and trends in decentralisation.


IRENA and UN’s FAO to accelerate renewables adoption

IRENA and United Nation's FAO to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy technologies in agri-food, fisheries and forestry chains.
smart meter

1 million smart meter milestone in Australia and New Zealand

Surging solar and behind the meter services are driving smart meters across electricity markets, Antipodes utility services company Intellihub reports.
renewable energy

US’ renewable energy production reaches all-time high in 2020

Renewable energy generation reached an all-time high in 2020 and provided more than a fifth of the nation's electrical output.
REGOs prices

Green certificates survey finds REGO prices on the rise

REGOs have recovered slightly from the fall that occurred due to COVID-19, according to Cornwall Insight’s Green Certificates survey.
offshore wind energy

China drives global offshore wind market into second-best year ever

According to the latest data released by GWEC Market Intelligence, the global offshore wind energy industry had its second-best year ever in 2020, installing over 6GW of new capacity, keeping growth on track despite the impacts of COVID-19 felt in other energy sectors.
climate change

Coalition announces 2021 projects to decarbonise transport and logistics

The aim is to sustain new green mobility models and to reduce the impact of transport and logistics on climate change.
usaid indonesia

USAID awards $38.8 million contract to improve grid resilience in Indonesia

USAID has awarded Tetra Tech with a $38.8 million contract aimed at improving grid resilience in Indonesia.

Blockchain flexibility services to launch in northern Spain

The ElectraFlex project, utilising Energy Web’s blockchain, is being developed to deliver flexibility to the distribution grid in the Catalonia region.

Europe’s DSOs ready to take on challenge of their new role...

Europe’s DSOs are considering advanced technologies, massive distributed energy resources and regulatory experimentations, the EC’s Joint Research Centre reports.

Grid connected battery storage being installed in Uruguay

One of the first grid-connected battery storage systems is to be integrated in Uruguay’s electricity system.

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