Bavarian parliament becomes self sufficient with 85kWp PV system


 As of recently, the Bavarian parliament makes more than laws: Now the roof of the Landtag building also generates environmentally friendly solar power.

An 85 kWp PV installation was installed using Schletter Group mounting systems.

Tom Graf, CEO of the Schletter Group, said: “To us, especially as a company deeply rooted in Bavaria, the roof-mounted array on top of the Bavarian parliament building is a particularly attractive project.

“But considering the future-orientation of the solar industry overall and self-consumption in particular, which is becoming more important, this installation also sends an amazing signal.”

With this new PV installation, the Bavarian parliament will in the future be able to meet some of its own electricity demand.

780 square metres of roof area were available for the array on top of the parliament building, enough to install a total of 362 PV panels each with a capacity of 235 Wp.

Schletter’s aluminium mounting rail Sololight was applied to the standing seam metal roof using the standing seam clamp 503. To this, in turn, the PV panels were fixed using the Rapid panel clamps. Mounting the entire array took only about two weeks.

Project developer was Onesolar International, who are based in Eching in Lower Bavaria and with whom the Schletter Group has already implemented a number of rooftop installations.