Dominion Energy Virginia amongst top 10 US solar adopters


The Smart Electric Power Alliance has ranked US utility Dominion Energy Virginia amongst the top ten US utilities leaders in adopting solar energy in 2017.

Dominion Energy Virginia has increased its solar capacity by more than 630% since 2015 and added 247MW of solar energy generation in 2017.

To date, the utility has a total of 746MW of solar under operation or development, enough energy to power 186,000 homes at peak solar production.

The utility claims its efforts to increase solar capacity has contributed towards Virginia being ranked 10th in solar capacity in the whole of the US by the Solar Energy Industries Association in 2017.

The energy provider is expanding its solar portfolio to ensure grid reliability during peaks, to reduce carbon emissions, to meet clean energy regulation and to avoid investing in expensive conventional energy generation infrastructure.

Since 2000, Dominion has reduced its carbon footprint by 40%.

Moreover, solar energy will help keep consumer energy bills affordable.

Over the next 15 years, Dominion Energy Virginia has plans to expand its solar capacity by at least 4,720MW, enough energy to power 1.18 million homes at peak sunlight.