Hawaiian Electric Companies files EV and clean infrastructure plan


The Hawaiian Electric Companies have filed a proposal to develop electric vehicles (EV) and clean energy infrastructure with the Public Utilities Commission.

The filed proposal Electrification of Transportation Strategic Roadmap comprises actions which the utility will implement to create a clean energy future and reduce dependence on fossil fuels for transportation and energy industries.

The proposal, if approved, will result in Hawaii having the most personal light duty vehicles powered by electricity generated by solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal and other renewable resources.

The plan includes Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light:

  1. Boosting EV adoption by working with automakers, dealerships and advocates to lower the purchase price and educate customers on vehicle options and benefits
  2. Partner with third-party charging providers and others to facilitate the buildout of charging infrastructure, especially in workplaces and multi-unit dwellings. Expand the network of utility-owned fast-chargers and public Level 2 chargers in gap areas to reduce range anxiety
  3. Support customers to transition to electric buses with targeted efforts to reduce the upfront cost and provide practical charging options. From buses, efforts can move to trucks and other heavy equipment
  4. Create grid service opportunities with incentives for demand response participation and charging aligned with grid needs to reduce costs and save drivers money
  5. Coordinate with ongoing grid modernization to ensure smooth integration of EVs into energy delivery networks and optimum use of renewable resources

According to Hawaiian Electric Companies, charging EVs will make room on the grid for nearly 200,000 more private rooftop solar systems and will require expanding utility-scale renewable energy projects.

Expanding renewable energy portfolios will help keep consumer energy bills affordable.

The EV and clean energy framework states that increasing renewable energy capacity could result in $60 million in benefits to Hawaiian Electric customers with or without EVs over the next 27 years. Renewables would also help the transportation industry save $200 million over the same period.

To date, Hawaii has 7,000 EVs registered and has the second highest rate of EV adoption in the US.

Brennon Morioka, Hawaiian Electric’s general manager of electrification of transportation, said: “This is a global movement that is transforming the way that individuals, families and businesses use vehicles and we have to be ready.

“This roadmap lays out the steps for meeting the changing needs of our customers and communities and adapting to the new technologies we know are coming.

“Hawaiian Electric first promoted electric vehicles more than 100 years ago.

“Today, the urgency has never been greater to reduce our use of oil for moving people and goods on the way to our clean energy future. This roadmap will guide our actions. The timing and precise route may change, but our destination and determination to reach it are clear.”


The filed roadmap is downloadable here…