How to stay competitive in the energy cloud


Energy generators, suppliers and aggregators must define value propositions and strategies across the distributed energy value chain, according to a new report issued by Navigant Research.

To stay competitive in the energy cloud or distributed energy resources (DER) market, the reports recommends:

  1. Market players to work together to deliver innovative distributed generation business models
  2. Business model innovators to promote the adoption of third-party financing to remove high upfront installation costs and perceived performance risks
  3. Project finance investors to reduce risks and improve cash flow predictability of innovative business models by investing in DERs
  4. DER value chain participants to bring attention to service-focused solutions and offerings

The report states that there has been a change in the way distributed and renewable energy programmes are viewed around the world, as DER models continue to be anticipated.

 Pritil Gunjan, senior research analyst at Navigant, said: “While renewable investments have achieved grid parity, the vibrant behind the meter (BTM) distributed market has quickly taken shape, flooded with numerous small and large solutions providers.

“Distributed energy generation has come of age around the world’s fastest growing economies.”

For more information about the report, click here.

Navigant Research published a new video which shows how smart and sustainable future cities will shape the Energy Cloud. Watch the video below