NYISO pilot programme for distributed energy resources


The New York grid operator – NYISO – is piloting three distributed energy resource (DER) pilot programmes, designed to improve New York’s energy infrastructure.

These pilot projects are part of the NYISO DER Roadmap, which aims to ensure a clear path for integrating DERs and help the state of New York achieve its goals for Reforming the Energy Vision (REV).

“The grid of the future will increasingly be supported by a diverse mix of distributed resources,” said NYISO President & CEO Brad Jones. “These pilot projects will support our efforts at the NYISO to integrate distributed resources into our markets and operations in ways that improve system efficiency, resilience and resource diversity. The lessons we learn from these pilots will build on our record of delivering value to New Yorkers by expanding competitive opportunities for distributed energy resources to meet system needs and help improve New York’s existing energy infrastructure.”

A common objective of these pilot projects is to demonstrate the potential for DERs to offer services to both retail/ distribution-level programmes and wholesale markets.

Integrated energy services corporation, iES has been confirmed as participating in the pilot as a provider of grid relationship management software and demand response services to commercial electricity customers.

Allan Weinstein, managing partner of Gainline, the holding company for iES says NYISO’s initiative to “modernise ageing power infrastructure, as demands for environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives have created a growing need for the tools and demand response services,” such as those provided by iES.