Rolls-Royce invests in storage startup


Rolls-Royce has announced that it is investing in Berlin-based startup company Qinous GmbH, a provider of what it calls plug and play energy storage and control systems.

Qinous has gained experience in the integration of battery storage and energy systems in microgrids in more than 30 projects worldwide, including a Namibian luxury hotel and a hospital in Haiti.

Roll-Royce was already providing MTU onsite energy-branded diesel gensets to the company for its turnkey microgrid solutions. With the investment, Rolls-Royce will now help bring clean energy powered microgrids to the global hotel, hospital and emergency shelter markets.

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Rolls-Royce said the investment will be used to expand the existing product portfolio and strengthen global sales and marketing activities.

Microgrids, combine cogeneration plants, diesel- and gas-powered gensets and renewable sources with batteries and a control system that links up all the elements in an intelligent energy management system, that optimises the energy usage technically and economically.

“As a strategic investor, the aim is to set up a partnership with Qinous for the development of innovative energy storage solutions and together offer cleaner solutions designed to meet tomorrow’s needs,” explained Marcus Wassenberg, CFO and labour director at Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

“With the use of energy storage and renewable sources, operators of hotels, hospitals or schools are able to make significant fuel cost savings and at the same time protect the environment,” said Qinous CEO Steffen Heinrich.

Financial details of the individual investment being made by Rolls-Royce are not being disclosed.


This story was originally published by Renewable Energy World, a Clarion Energy brand.