Southern California Edison ranked number 1 in solar adoption


The Smart Electric Power Alliance has ranked Southern California Edison (SCE) as number one in battery storage adoption and number two in providing solar energy to consumers in the US.

SCE has appeared amongst the top ten in SEPA’s solar and energy storage rankings since the launch of the survey in 2007.

This year’s survey was conducted on 400 utilities.

SCE connected 56MW of battery storage to the grid in 2017 and 547MW of solar energy to the grid through programmes implemented for residential and commercial customers.

Solar projects connected to the utility’s grid in 2017 are equivalent to removing 231,839 cars from the road for a year or 16,205 garbage trucks worth of waste being recycled instead of going into a landfill.

The utility says it is connecting 3,600 solar customers to the main grid every month. This is equivalent to a solar customer coming online every 12 minutes. The utility connected its first residential solar customer on the main grid in 1998.

Last year, SCE had nearly 400MW of energy storage under contract, which is almost double the amount installed in the entire nation in 2015.

Ron Nichols, President at SCE, said: “Our customers increasingly want a more renewable energy supply, one that meets California’s climate change goals and contributes to cleaner, healthier air.

“SCE is pleased to assist customers to invest in their own renewable energy resources as well as our continued efforts to increase the level of renewable energy and battery storage at a utility scale.”

In 2017, SCE developed a framework which will enable the utility to add 30GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. The plan will help deliver more clean energy to its customers and meet California’s carbon emission and air pollution reduction goals.

The development follows Southern California recording ninety five degrees on April 9. Carbon emissions continue to impact the global climate hence the need for utilities to increase investments in clean energies.

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