California virtual power operator commissions real-time management software


Swell Energy has partnered with AutoGrid to optimise management of its distributed energy resources and virtual power plant in California.

AutoGrid will provide its Flex suite of flexibility management apps to enable Swell Energy to manage its 35MWh of residential energy storage projects in California, a virtual power plant comprising 2,500 homes and providing grid services.

The suite will provide asset monitoring, management, co-optimisation and reporting platforms.

The suite comprises a distributed energy resource management system, which Swell Energy will use to connect digital devices including smart thermostats and allow members of its virtual power plant to participate in demand response initiatives.

The cloud-based solution will allow Swell Energy to partner with other utilities in demand response and energy trading, enroll consumers and to verify curtailment performance from a single, unified system.

The partnership is expected to help California expand its renewable energy portfolio and reduce carbon emissions.

Moreover, the initiative will help utilities to lower the overall cost of operating the grid by avoiding and deferring expensive infrastructure upgrades and reducing the need to purchase expensive peak power.

“A number of utilities are concerned about the impact of customer-sited distributed generation on their operations,” said Dr. Amit Narayan, AutoGrid chief executive officer. “Working with Swell, utilities can turn these resources into grid assets, not only reducing carbon emissions but also improve resiliency for all customers.”