TEPCO launches online renewable energy subsidiary


The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has launched an online renewable energy retailer.

TEPCO’s new subsidiary TRENDE will sell solar energy to residential customers via its Ashita Denki service website at https://ashita-denki.jp/.

The launch of TRENDE falls under efforts by TEPCO to accelerate renewable energy use in Japan, as well as to provide consumers with clean and affordable energy.

TRENDE will create a distributed energy platform by equipping residential consumers with solar energy generators and battery storage systems for home installation.

Tadatoshi Senoo. Char, leader of the new energy startup, said: “The launch of TRENDE demonstrates TEPCO’s commitment to innovative and environmentally responsible approaches to ensuring that residential customers have the energy they need for a sustainable future.

“Our easy to use, engaging, and informative platform will help consumers make smart energy choices and save money, while also promoting the use of solar energy…We are pleased to be working with TEPCO to make residential solar power a reality.”

To access services, including flat rate and premium energy plans, offered by TRENDE, consumers need to sign up online

TEPCO is the largest energy provider in Japan and more than 34 subsidiaries and 32 affiliates in 8 countries.