UK’s new registers open access to over 1MW of DER capacity


The UK’s electricity network companies have worked together through the Open Networks Project to launch System Wide Resource Registers, which will give the entire industry more information about connected generation over 1MW.

The initiative is hoped to make a significant contribution to the country’s 2050 net zero target, whilst making it easier for prosumer customers and flexibility service providers to connect to their networks. They will benefit from greater transparency and access to information.

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The new registers present a standardised set of data across all the electricity network companies to customers, highlighting demand and presenting more opportunities for all stakeholders – including community groups, renewables projects, and large aggregators – to innovate with their investments, provide clean energy, and avoid building costly reinforcement.

The registers detail generation projects, storage facilities, and larger demands that are providing flexibility services of 1MW and greater to their networks. This includes wind and solar power, vital to help Britain reach net zero.

Containing data for over 5,000 connected assets, the information will also give a more complete network view to National Grid ESO of network generation capacity to help ensure a secure supply of the low carbon energy we rely on every day.

Information on resource types, locations, and capacities for those resources that are already connected to distribution networks or that have accepted connection agreements in place are all detailed. Information is also included on flexibility services that are being provided to the distribution network companies.

These new registers are produced in a standard format across the country, and will be updated monthly, helping to harmonize local markets and make it easier for customers to explore new opportunities and enter new markets to maximise the benefit of low-carbon technologies.

David Smith, Chief Executive of ENA, said: “Innovation and investment from the electricity network companies have already helped to make the UK a superpower of renewable energy. Harnessing the power of data, improving transparency, and harmonising processes across the country is another step forward to help us deliver the low carbon, smart grid that the public need.

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