US utility cooperative United Power has commissioned a VOLT/VAR optimisation technology from energy solutions provider AMSC.

The D-VAR VVO system is expected to help United Power to improve its energy efficiency programme through a reduction in energy losses during the transportation process.

The development helps the Colorado-based utility to upgrade distribution feeders with challenging regulation issues due to dynamically varying load, support industrial growth and enhance renewable generation interconnection and power quality.

Daniel P. McGahn, CEO at AMSC, said the technology will enable the implementation of Conservation Voltage Reduction to increase efficiency and reduce peak electric loading whilst reducing operational and consumer energy costs with minimal impact on customers.

“Working with utilities across the country, we are finding the potential for D-VAR VVO to solve a number of customer issues.

“The precise and rapid reactive power and voltage control provided by D-VAR VVO can assist utilities in maintaining their power quality standards, while enabling large-scale adoption of distributed generation and electric vehicles on their distribution networks,” added McGahn.