N. American Board proposes upgrading Green Button energy service standard


The North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) has proposed updates to the NAESB Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI) Model Business Practices (NAESB green button standard) to better reflect existing utility implementations and help support increased interoperability.

These standards upgrades are part of continuing efforts to support the Green Button Initiative.

The Green Button Initiative was a 2011 White House call to action that encouraged utilities across the country to provide energy customers with easy access to their energy usage data via a “green button” on their websites.

The NAESB green button standard serves as the basis of the Green Button Initiative, as it defines a communication protocol for the exchange of retail customer information.

The goal of the standard is to support the development of products that will allow consumers to better understand their energy usage and to make informed decisions regarding their energy consumption.

Since 2011, the standard has continued to evolve and reflects various implementations of Green Button applications employed by the gas, electric and water utility industries. To date, over 150 utilities and service providers have committed to providing more than 60 million US households with access to green button data.

The NAESB green button standard is posted for an industry comment period that provides any interested party with an opportunity to review the standard and suggest modifications that will be considered before being finalised by NAESB.

All interested parties are welcome to submit comments to the NAESB office at naesb@naesb.org. The proposed changes and the comments that are submitted will be considered by NAESB in October and NAESB anticipates that the finalised green button standard will be adopted within the fourth quarter of 2018. Upon finalisation, the standard will be available for potential action by interested regulatory agencies.