Utilities increasingly forced to invest in DER management, IDC report


As distributed energy resources (DER) continue to penetrate regional power markets at a rapid pace, utilities are being forced to look at investments in distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS) to maintain system reliability and meet the growing demands of their electricity customers.

To help utilities navigate the evolving vendor landscape, IDC Energy Insights has announced the availability of a new IDC MarketScape report, IDC MarketScape: North America Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems 2018 Vendor Assessment.

The DERMS market is an evolving space and the needs of the power market and utility customer are still being defined.

The participants in this IDC MarketScape are ahead of the curve in establishing their capabilities, strategies and brand as the DERMS offerings available to utilities are still in the early stages of development.

Key findings of this new report include:

• The area of DERMS in the utility industry is steadily evolving with niche capabilities and strategies developing at different paces in regional markets across North America.

• There are very few end-to-end DERMS product offerings by a single vendor as the range of services and capabilities, as well as customer needs, is far reaching.

• As regulations and market rules around DERMS develop and vary from state to state, customers are well advised to engage with a vendor that has a fully dedicated staff focused on the relevant regional regulatory aspects of DERMS.

• Many current DERMS technologies and capabilities can be applied as an extension of an existing advanced distribution management system (ADMS) geared toward behind-the-meter energy resources and utility-scale renewable energy sources.

• There is a large ecosystem of vendors and growing number of niche players in the DERMS market. Over time, consolidation is expected.

According to John Villali, research director, IDC Energy Insights, “The DERMS segment of the utility market is at its early stages but is growing. Participants in this study are at an advantage as they are positioning and establishing themselves in this growing space. As the market matures, these vendors have an opportunity to emerge as leaders.”

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