Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles to increase Britain’s electricity demand by 31 times by 2040

As a result of an increase in electric vehicle use across Britain, electricity demand from the transport sector will increase by 31 times by 2040 from the current levels


How space data is helping electric vehicle drivers

The EV8 app uses space data to assist drivers to assess the benefits of switching to an electric vehicle (EV).

Toyota targets 50% reduction in EV battery costs by 2030

Toyota is expecting to invest up to 1.5 trillion yen ($13.6 billion) in battery development and production by 2030.
vehicle electrification

Top five electric vehicle stories you need to read

The electrification of the transport system is one key area with the potential to help the world move closer to sustainability goals.
electric vehicles charging

Electric vehicles continue to take over roads, seas, and skies

Research firm IDTechEx explores trends that have shaped the global electric vehicles market over the past decade.
ATM's Milan e-bus depot

Schneider Electric prepares Milan grid for electrification of bus network

Schneider Electric has partnered with Alstom to help Azienda Trasporti Milan (ATM) to modernise the grid and electrify its bus network.
Leeds solar-powered park and ride

Leeds launches UK’s first solar-powered park and ride

To decarbonise the transport sector and reduce congestion and commuting times, the UK's first solar-powered park and ride has been launched in Stourton, Leeds.