managed ev charging
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US utility AEP Ohio has launched an online tool that allows vehicle owners to compare the total cost of ownership and operation of electric vehicles versus conventionally-powered diesel or petrol vehicles.

“As more customers consider making the switch to an electric vehicle, AEP Ohio wanted to provide a tool that helps them understand the total cost of owning an EV compared to a vehicle with a traditional engine,” Julie Volpe Walker, AEP Ohio energy efficiency program manager, said. “With the lower cost to operate, EVs often offer a lower cost of ownership over five years.”

One of the major setbacks has been the “unknowns” surrounding the cost of running and maintaining an EV, and a typically higher initial price, but Enervee corporation through its own research, established that up to 84% of consumers would buy an EV, if they could see a cost benefit relative to conventionally-powered vehicles.

The site, is free and publically-accessible, and hosts a variety of cost and general information top-of-mind with potential EV buyers.

Costing information includes suggested retail prices, likely charging costs, and possible rebates on a listed vehicle. Customers can also calculate annual charging costs through a mix of user-data such as commute information and charging rates The site also includes EV battery capacity and performance information as well as a map of nearby charging facilities.

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