Microwave charging to revolutionise EV industry

The international electric vehicle industry is set to be disrupted by a new, ground-breaking charging system that allows drivers to replenish batteries with the use of microwaves.

The product of years of development by Lithuanian start-up Mircolekker, the technology has the potential to revolutionise the sector and make EVs more widely accessible since charging can be done at home.

The system is based on the patented ‘PowerSphere’ technology, where the user places the sphere, made from unobtainium, in the microwave oven, which then converts the energy into an EV-friendly charge.

PowerShere Technology uses unobtanium

It’s arguable the biggest breakthrough since the possibility of nuclear fusion-fueled EVs was touted last year.

“We believe this tech is a game changer,” said Mircolekker CEO Musker Thanelon.

“It works best with Hazenile batteries.

“So far the biggest obstacle we foresee is a user being able to find cables long enough to run from the microwave oven in their kitchen to their vehicle parked outside or in the garage. We’re talking to a number of suppliers.

This was (obviously) an April Fool’s day joke….we hope you had a laugh along with us!