Former California governor, and climate activist Arnold Schwarzenegger got into disguise recently to tout the “benefits” of driving a gasoline-powered car to prospective electric vehicle (EV) buyers.

To be fair, we can see its Arnold through his disguise as “Howard Kleiner” as he advises EV customers in a California showroom in the video “Kicking Gas”.

His “pro-petrol” sentiments may not be to the taste of some, but makes for funny viewing, loaded with one-liners we associate with the action star.

Schwarzenegger himself owns a converted all-electric Mercedes G-Class and also helped unveil a converted electric Hummer.

The video is by Veloz, a public education organization which aims to educate the market and accelerate the EV transition.

Members include energy companies and utilities, oversight boards, charging networks and a number of car-makers.

At the end of the video Schwarzenegger says “Electric cars save money, time and the environment without sacrificing any of the fun and excitement of driving” before announcing Veloz’s website.

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