Avenger’s Audi accused of “lip-synching”


Lip-synching is all too common these days, and never goes down well with audiences. Neither did the “engine-sync” sound effects afforded to the Audi EV in the latest Avengers movie.

The decision to create a fake audio profile to suit the vehicle came at the insistence of the movie’s sound engineers, and according to news magazine Spiegel Online, the move has created a media furore in Audi’s home country of Germany.

Audi spokesperson Josef Schloßmacher said that “the production company wanted us to create an emotional sound for the e-tron GT that would also match the film.”

Should an EV make a sound? If so, what should it sound like? Recently, audio technology company Harman shared its aspirations to make an EV sound like a V8, or a spaceship, or well, just louder.

Legislation passed in the US in 2010 ultimately led to a rule made by the country’s National Highway Traffic Administration stipulating that by September 2019, EV’s must make a sound louder than the low-volume, high-frequency hum associated the vehicles, when travelling at speeds of up to 18.6 miles per hour. The deadline was extended in February 2019 to 2020. Its hoped that the move will go some way to reducing approximately 2400 pedestrian-vehicle accidents per year.

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