Avista Utilities transfers EV charging onto cloud platform


To ensure interoperability and avoid software lock-in, EV Connect and Avista Utilities have successfully transitioned public and workplace EV charging stations onto the EV Cloud platform.

Avista Utilities selected the EV charging platform from EV Connect because of the open standards support and the ease with which the partial network switch could transition chargers in the utility’s Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) programme.

“EV Connect enabled us to experiment and successfully switch network providers for EVSE in the field using over-the-air (OTA) updates,” said Rendall Farley, Manager of Electric Transportation at Avista Utilities. “This demonstrates how charging equipment based on open communication standards is key to enabling plug-and-play operation and switchover with different network providers in the industry, thereby reducing operational and financial risks of owning and maintaining EVSE.”

Since 2016, Avista Utilities has deployed over 400 EV charge connectors across a combination of residential, workplace, fleet, and multiple-unit dwelling sites, as well as seven DC fast-charging sites. As part of this migration, Avista successfully transitioned 15 of its Level-2 networked charging stations to EV Connect’s EV Cloud.

By moving to EV Connect, Avista Utilities can add, monitor, and manage a greater variety of charge station hardware providers through a single interface. With the EV Connect platform, Avista also has access to insights into the performance, uptime, usage profiles, and electricity demands of its EV stations and can take advantage of the platform’s industry-leading adaptability.

“Utilities and other organisations that deploy charging station networks based on open standards have the flexibility to evaluate which software provider offers the features that suit their needs best, and complete a network management provider switch without replacing the chargers they’ve already acquired,” said Jordan Ramer, CEO of EV Connect. “We look forward to supporting Avista Utilities as it scales its EV charging infrastructure in the future. This transition will make the management of EV charging assets not only easier and more flexible but provide the insights and control required to manage energy demand.”