Burning BMW i8 quits smoking, goes for a swim instead


In recent news, a fire brigade in the Netherlands found themselves unable to extinguish a BMW i8’s battery pack after the vehicle had started “smoking” on a local showroom floor.

The Brandweer Midden-en West-Brabant fire service posted images of the incident on its Facebook page.

The fire department and BMW employees were able to move the vehicle outside, where normal techniques failed to extinguish the battery pack, which they found difficult to reach,

The department took action, and deposited the EV into a shipping container filled with water, and left it there for 24 hours to “cool-off”.

Part of the department’s reasoning was that EV batteries typically burn for hours, and any possibly unsafe fumes or emissions would be contained in the water, preventing further possible injury.

A spokesperson from BMW said: “… smoke started to develop from a BMW i8 in the showroom of a BMW dealer. The car was not a customer car, but a demo that stood in the showroom. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

“Compliments for the BMW dealer employees who responded very adequately and pushed the car out of the showroom, also compliments for the fire brigade which was quickly on site and got the fire under control. The cause of the fire is not yet known. The battery has been dismantled and sent to BMW headquarters in Munich for further investigation.”

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