China announces a 3-year plan to accelerate EV adoption


The Chinese State Council has issued a roadmap that has been endorsed by 24 provinces to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

The Three-Year Action Plan for the Battle of the Blue Sky has already been adopted by 7 of the 24 provinces.

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The roadmap was originally published in 2018 to accelerate the deployment of sustainable transport systems with higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The plan included fines for pollution, carbon emissions and the contamination of water.

As part of the revised roadmap, Inner Mongolia province has committed to deploy 100,000 new energy vehicles.

Shandong province has plans to have 500,000 new electric vehicles by 2022.

Jiangsu province will promote the adoption of 250,000 clean energy vehicles. By the end of 2020, charging infrastructure to support 200,000 electric vehicles will be in place.

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