Colorado implements first smart EV-DR integrated pilot

US utility Platte River Power Authority has partnered with eMotorwerks to implement Colorado’s first smart electric vehicle charging pilot.

eMotorwerks, an Enel subsidiary, is providing the wholesale energy provider with smart charging equipment and technology.

Some 250 EV drivers set to participate in the pilot will receive $250 in rebates for purchasing the JuiceBox smart charging station. The first 100 participants will receive extra discounts from eMotorwerks.

A demand response enabled system will be developed as part of the pilot to reduce electricity costs and boost the integration of the grid with renewable energy resources.

The pilot is part of efforts of the utility to diversify in the energy and smart transportation industries.

Results from the project will be used to develop future smart charging services at scale.

EV users will be able to schedule preferred charging periods taking into consideration the most cost-effective times to charge in line with the status of the grid. The aim is to avoid heavy charging during times when the grid is stressed and tariffs are high.

The EV users will be able to remotely monitor their charging via eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet app.

Preston Roper, General Manager, North America, Enel X e-Mobility, said: “As demand for renewable energy grows significantly to power EVs, valuing and procuring EV flexibility services in the form of smart charging is critically important within the process of decarbonising the electricity and transportation sectors economically.”

Jason Frisbie, CEO of Platte River, added: “Smart EV charging aligns well with Platte River’s core pillars of providing reliable, environmentally responsible and financially sustainable electricity and services to our owner communities.

“As our renewable portfolio continues to expand, a better understanding of EV owner consumption patterns will provide valuable insight and allow consumers to participate in our energy future.”