North America’s largest food distributor deploys first electric truck

The largest food industry redistribution company in North America has partnered with Orange EV to deploy its first electric truck in Modesto, California.

Kevin Buss, director of Fleet maintenance at Dot Transportation, said: “Making the move to pure-electric aligns with Dot’s mission to implement innovative, efficient solutions that contribute to the success of its food industry partners and their sustainability objectives.”

The electric truck increases energy efficiency by more than 400% over traditional diesel systems, according to a statement.

The electric truck is charged during breaks to be able to provide services for 12 hours every day.

Sustainability efforts being deployed by Dots Transportation include motion-activated LED lighting in warehouses, specialized insulation on freezers and refrigerators to reduce energy consumption, opportunity charging for equipment, solar panels on refrigerated units, idle-reducing measures, and use of aerodynamic fairings.

In addition to the electric truck, Orange is providing Dot Transportation with daily truck data using a web-based telematics system. The system provides instant feedback, real-time performance statistics, and hard data that helps fleets understand system status, fuel efficiency, cost savings and more.

“We’re really excited to pilot this technology for Dot,” said David Bigelow, Dot Foods California General Manager. “We will learn a lot from this electric yard truck in terms of lifespan and maintenance, and then we can use that learning moving forward. We are always excited about the challenge to try something new and help figure it out, and anytime that we can do that while also supporting Dot’s cost-savings and green initiatives, all the better.”

Typical distribution center operations report savings up to $40,000+ per truck annually in fuel, maintenance and emission control. Facilities also enjoy all the other things that get better when diesel fuel is eliminated including a safer, healthier environment for site personnel and the surrounding community.”

Dot Foods utilised funding from the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) to purchase their Orange EV truck for use at the California distribution center.