Barcelona signs 10-year deal to expand e-bike sharing initiative


Under efforts to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector, the city of Barcelona has awarded PBSC Urban Solution with a ten-year contract to provide e-bikes.

PBSC will partner with Ferrovial, and Barcelona de Serveis Municipals to deploy and operate some 7,000 e-bikes under the city’s e-mobility initiative Bicing bike-sharing.

The 7,000 e-bikes are expected to be in operation in 2019 across the city’s ten districts.

Riders will be able to unlock bikes using a mobile application, a smart card, or NFC technology.

The bikes have:

  • A high-capacity battery integrated in the aluminum bike frame with an autonomy range of more than 60 km
  • In-app gamification to further motivate riders and encourage a fun and healthy lifestyle

A number of smart e-bike charging stations are being deployed in Barcelona to monitor the flexibility, performance and safety of the bikes.

The stations will continuously monitor and report on bike health, battery charge, diagnostic information and riding data.

“Barcelona is a city of unparalleled dynamism! Often featured as one of the world’s most thriving cities in the fields of gastronomy, culture, urban planning, architecture and sports, Barcelona continues to set the bar higher and higher with new initiatives, each more inventive than the last,” said Luc Sabbatini, CEO at PBSC Urban Solutions.