E.ON announces role in €2.1 million e-mobility pilot


E.ON has joined the MEISTER project, an EU-funded pilot initiative aimed at reducing the costs of electric vehicles, their integration with grid networks and role in the energy transition.

E.ON is developing an intelligent charging infrastructure with charging and load management as part of the Horizon 2020-funded EU project. The EU has provided €2.1 million in funding towards the pilot.

The utility is providing its Drive electromobility platform to support connection between charging stations and the power grid.

The project is being conducted in Berlin, Gothenburg and Malaga and includes business models such as e-car sharing and expanding intelligent charging infrastructure for consumers.

The pilot also includes the operation and conversion of municipal bus fleets from diesel to electric.

Project partners include the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection and independent research institute IKEM.

The senate department is developing the legal framework for the implementation of new business models being piloted as part of the project.

IKEM is evaluating the goals set by the MEISTER pilots.

The announcement follows E.ON implementing a network of around 180 electric filling stations on Europe’s motorways where vehicles can be charged at ultra-fast speeds. The network will extend from Norway to Italy.