E.ON, Volkswagen launch plug-and-play fast EV charger


The E.ON Drive Booster has been developed to offer a flexible public fast charging solution for electric vehicles (EVs).

The system, which can be installed without any civil engineering works or grid connection adjustments, comprises fast chargers for two EVs and an integrated 193kWh battery storage system that can be plugged into a normal power connection.

Two EVs can be charged simultaneously with 150kW, enabling an average 15-minute charging time to provide enough power for around 200km of range.

The goal of the system, which was developed for E.ON by Volkswagen Drive Components, is to offer a solution for the rapid rollout of a public EV charging infrastructure.

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“The expansion of e-mobility is an important building block of the energy transition. In order to make electric vehicles more attractive, we need charging stations to be abundant and powerful,” says Patrick Lammers, who is responsible for customer solutions on the board at E.ON.

Around one third of Germans are estimated to have chosen not to buy EVs so far due to the belief that there are not enough charging stations.

“With the E.ON Drive Booster we have an immediate and attractive offer for businesses and municipalities wanting to set up charging stations without spending a fortune. The Booster is therefore one of our energy solutions that enables our customers to achieve their sustainability goals,” he says.

The Booster system was extensively piloted during 2020 and the first has been put into operation in Essen.

Thomas Schmall, Board Member for Technology at Volkswagen AG and CEO of Volkswagen Group Components, comments that the company is taking the expansion of charging infrastructure into its own hands and aiming to work with strong partners to bring about a fivefold increase in the number of fast chargers in Europe by 2025.

“[The charging stations] are ideally suited to support the rapid expansion of charging infrastructure, since the time and costs required for installation are minimal.”

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