EDF Energy enters e-mobility partnership with Nissan


UK utility EDF Energy has partnered with car manufacturer Nissan on smart energy generation and transportation.

The two will work together on a number of projects that will support the adoption of electric vehicles and energy generation and storage solutions.

Following signing an agreement in Paris, EDF Energy and Nissan will explore how second-life Nissan electric vehicle (EV) batteries can support demand-side management.

EDF Energy will integrate its demand-side response platform PowerShift with Nissan’s EV batteries to store electricity during off-peaks and release it into the main grid during times when demand is high.

The combined system is expected to support on-site generation, greater control and flexibility over energy use, and provide consumers with additional revenue streams.

EDF Energy and Nissan will also develop smart charging infrastructure.

Already this year, there are more lithium-ion batteries being installed in EVs than into consumer electronics and demand for electric mobility is only expected to increase, equating to millions of used electric vehicle batteries being available for the energy storage market.

These batteries have as much as 70% of their original capacity and will still have more than 10 years of remaining life.

Béatrice Bigois, managing director of customers at EDF Energy said: “The transition to electric vehicles provides huge opportunities for businesses and households, which is why we are investing in the best technology and products to help consumers and business realise the associated benefits. In partnering with Nissan, we’re excited to explore new technologies and business models to make low carbon transport a reality now and for the future.”

Francisco Carranza, director of energy services, Nissan Europe, said: “We believe electric cars are just the start, and our second life programme ensures batteries from our cars continue to provide energy storage capacity in other applications – in houses, businesses, football stadiums even – long after their life in cars. It’s an exciting prospect and we look forward to working closely with EDF Energy on these developments in future.”