Innovation centre unveils Dutch testbed for open EV charging standards


EV innovation centre ElaadNL and Driivz have set up a smart EV charging testbed to promote open global EV charging standards and optimal use of energy through e-mobility.

The testbed is for the 10th edition of the ISO 15118 testing symposium and the OCPP2.0 Plugfest event, which runs 15-16 November in the Netherlands.

The event aims to encourage the development and adoption of EV charging technologies compliant with open charging standards.

The testbed comprises a site-level EV charging management platform enabling V2G communication and advanced energy management capabilities.

The Driivz EV Charging Management platform provides user and grid management, flexible billing capabilities, home, public and workplace charging, and driver self-service apps.

The platform supports 70 EV charger types and is compliant with OCPP 2.0 and ISO 15118 V2G Communication standards.

OCPP 2.0 compliant chargers enable smart EV charging through flexible charging based on supply and demand algorithms for optimisation of sustainable energy and grid capacity.

The development follows predictions on massive increase in EV uptake, EV charging and surges in energy demand.


On the energy generation side, massive uptake of renewables is also expected hence the need for intelligent demand response and demand-side management capabilities to avoid straining of distributed energy resources-reliant grid networks.

Onoph Caron, managing director of ElaadNL. “We believe charging EV’s on a massive scale, in a sustainable way within the limits of the existing power grid, can only be done using Smart Charging based on open standards, and utilising a comprehensive and effective charging management system.”