Electric vehicle battery test centre opens in Germany


Independent testing institute ISP has brought into operation its new electric vehicle (EV) battery testing centre in Salzbergen in northwest Germany.

The centre, believed to be one of the largest of its type in Europe, is set to deliver all testing services for batteries of EVs.

ISP is specialised in testing vehicle engines and drive trains as well as fuels and lubricants. The new facilities expand its services to the automotive industry, in addition to the support for the battery manufacturers in the development and validation of battery modules and systems.

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“We are convinced that the mobility of tomorrow will be largely battery-electric, and with our company we are making a contribution to increasing sustainability and climate protection,” says Tono Nasch, managing partner of ISP.

“It is the largest single investment to date in a business field that is new to us.”

The centre within a floor space of 5,200m2 comprises 78 testbenches so far enabling tests related to the function, performance, durability and safety of lithium-ion batteries and with simulation of any climatic region in terms of temperature and humidity. Data are collected in the control room for analysis in an automated process.

These enable simulation of almost any electrical load at the customer’s request, the company says.

The second phase of the expansion, a test centre for environmental, safety and abuse tests, is now underway and is scheduled to go into operation around the middle of 2022. With this, ISP wants to further expand its portfolio of testing facilities to provide holistic testing of energy storage systems.