Honda, eMotorwerks and CAISO launch smart EV charging pilot


eMotorwerks has partnered with American Honda Company and the California Independent System Operator to implement an innovative intelligent electric vehicle charging pilot programme.

The pilot Honda SmartCharge includes EV owners using eMotorwerks’ cloud-based JuiceNet platform to manage their EV charging.

JuiceNet and a built-in telematics system integrated in Honda Fits will automatically calculate ideal charging times for the driver using grid data and user’s preferred charging schedule.

The platform will help drivers to charge during off-peak periods when renewable energy generation is high and avoid charging when demand is high and generation low.

This will enable EV drivers to earn monetary rewards of up to $50 over each two-month period, as well as ensure grid reliability and expansion of renewable and distributed energy resources in southern California.

The programme will help cut costs for utilities by avoiding the need to build expensive peak power generation plants or implement grid upgrades.

Participants will use the free HondaLink EV app to access grid and EV status.

Valery Miftakhov, CEO of eMotorWerks, said the platform  “provides a strong backbone for automotive manufacturers looking for innovative approaches to improve the consumer experience, potentially cut the total cost of electric vehicle ownership and benefit the environment,”

“This partnership proves that direct vehicle charging management across fleets of vehicles and multiple market stakeholders is possible and furthermore, it can be a source of revenues for drivers, utilities and automotive equipment manufacturers alike.”

The pilot is expected to be expanded to additional EV models and regions.

Enel X already has 7,300 EV charging stations located throughout the state representing nearly 75MW of peak EV supply equipment.

The news follows a report conducted by the America Automobile Association stating that one-in-five, or roughly 20 million Americans will likely choose an EV for their next vehicle purchase by 2030.

The report finds that automobile manufacturers are leading the shift to move electric vehicles into the mainstream.

Honda plans to make two-thirds of its global automotive sales from EVs by 2030.